This year’s GLS in Chicago contained enough nuggets of leadership truth and insights to chew on for months to come.

Here are a few gems from this year’s speakers…

  • The arch-enemy of grit is ease. – Bill Hybels
  • Self-sacrificing love is at the very core of leadership. – Bill Hybels
  • To rely on rank or title is an abdication of leadership. – Jim Collins
  • The other side of the coin from success is not failure, it’s growth. – Jim Collins
  • Creativity isn’t about drawing or writing. It’s about solving problems. – Ed Catmull
  • I have never met a powerful leader who was not okay with discomfort. – Brené Brown
  • Curiosity is currency of the realm in leadership. – Brené Brown
  • Live for your eulogy not for your resume. – Albert Tate
  • You serve your people by leading them to excellence. That’s leadership. – Horst Schulze
  • It is immoral to hire someone to fulfill a function. You hire someone to fulfill a dream. – Horst Schulze
  • Leaders cannot do this journey without help from God. – Bill Hybels
  • If you want your team to remain relevant lead them into the unknown. – Liz Wiseman
  • You are not who others say you are. You are who God says you are. – Craig Groeschel

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