There is a scene in The West Wing when the President is preparing deliver his State of the Union address. Traditionally, one Cabinet member must remain in the Oval Office during the speech in case something catastrophic happens and the President (or the rest of Cabinet) doesn’t return.

In an intensely private moment, the President reassures the nervous young Agriculture Secretary about what his first decision should be: to appoint a Chief of Staff; his second chair.

President: Do you have a best friend?
Ag Sec: Yes.
President: Is he smarter than you?
Ag Sec: Yes.”
President: Would you trust him with your life?
Ag Sec: Yes.”
President: That’s your Chief of Staff.”

Is there too much attention on the big chair…?

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Mike Groves was inspired by a post by Greg Smith about second chair leadership. Greg asked (and answered) the question, Can You Really Lead from the Second Chair?

Greg’s insightful blog was based on Mike Bonem and Roger Patterson’s Leading from the Second Chair

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