Horst Schulze, CEO of one of the world’s most exclusive hotel companies, is joining the Global Leadership Summit speaker line-up in 2015.

Horst was born in Winningen, Germany, and although he had never set foot in a hotel, he announced at 11 years old that he wanted to work in one.  When he was 14, he quit school and moved more than 100 km from his home in order to become a hotel busboy.  From busboy to CEO, through all of his experiences in the luxury hotel industry, he developed a strong understanding of the key components of service and he will unpack those at the Summit.

We asked Horst to answer some quick questions to help our blog audience get to know him better.

WCA:  When did you first know you were a leader?

Horst Schulze:  I still don’t know…

WCA:  Whose leadership has had the most impact on your life?

Horst Schulze:  My first boss when I was 14.

WCA:  What leaders do you admire and why?

Horst Schulze:

  1. Gandhi, as a moral leader – no stick
  2. MLK – peaceful
  3. Mandela – forgiving

WCA:  What was the best leadership advice you received as a young leader?

Horst Schulze:  Don’t make excuses!

WCA:  What part of leadership gives you the most satisfaction?

Horst Schulze:  Mentoring.

WCA:  What would you consider to be your biggest leadership accomplishment?

Horst Schulze:  Success of individuals, promotions, etc.

WCA:  In which aspect of leadership are you growing the most right now?

Horst Schulze:  Unselfishness – less ego.

WCA:  How have you seen leadership change during your career?

Horst Schulze:  More open – less hierarchy.

We’re looking forward to hearing more from Horst at this year’s Global Leadership Summit!

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