What is an idea? When a person takest two formerly known things and combines them in a new way.

– Fredrik Härén

At GLS 2017, Fredrik Härén cast a compelling vision for the importance of creativity and innovation. He spoke with passion about the essence of an idea and how our businesses, churches and world could be transformed if we had the courage to innovate.

October is Creativity month on our GLS platforms. Here’s how you can utilize our tools to increase your leadership skills and grow in personal creativity.

  • Gain creativity skills with a brand new Skills in Action tool on GLSnext PremiumThis tool will launch at the end of the month, giving you step-by-step instructions on how to walk your team through a group creative process to renew a product or service that has lost its edge.

In a world oversaturated with average ideas, creativity is essential to bring fresh inspiration to our businesses, our employees, our congregations and our communities.

Let’s embrace the opportunity to grow and develop this month as we dive into an essential skill for every great leaderCreativity.


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