The Global Leadership Network New Zealand is excited to present the GLS 2021.

The GLS will host powerful speakers including Craig Groeschel, Shola Richards, Juliet Funt, Malcolm Gladwell, Jerry Lorenzo, A.R. Bernard, Dr Francesca Gino, Michelle Poler, and Ibukun Awosika (Speaker line up subject to change.)

The Global Leadership Summit is the annual event within the Global Leadership Network calendar. Be inspired and refreshed by powerful and insightful leadership speakers who will share their experience and knowledge with you. Grow your leadership as you are challenged to incorporate new strategies and practices within your own work and with your team.

Secure your spot at The Global Leadership Summit 2021 for the best available price now of $60 with our Regular ticket.

Unlock your reason for living!

The things that make us sad, the things that make us righteously angry, or the things we care about that others don’t are often a key that unlocks our reason for living. It’s our burden.– Craig Groeschel